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The advantages of regular maintenance of your septic tank

The appropriate servicing solution for your needs

Did you know that the government of Quebec recommends that your septic tank be emptied every two years? If you wait longer, major damage could be caused to your septic system, tank or filter pump. Don’t wait, call the specialists you can trust in the Lower Laurentian and Eastern Ontario regions.

Selective emptying services

For multiple compartment tanks, Miron Septic Tanks offers a service of selective emptying that returns septic waters. First, the operator empties surface liquids. Then he pumps solid wastes at the bottom of the tank. Liquids are then returned to the tank in order to preserve the bacterial flora that contributes to the chemical balance of your septic tank.

Full emptying services

When you have a closed septic system with a single compartment, you need full emptying services. The specialists at Fosses Septiques Miron will pump the entire contents of your sanitary installation so that both liquids and solids are evacuated.

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